Lammin Sahti Oy is the oldest Finnish Microbrewery

* Founded 1985, limited company, 68 shareholders

* In 1987 company was granted a licence to produce sahti for public sale, retail sale started 1988

* The main product is Sahti 7,5 %. made of barley and ray -malt, juniperbranches and fermented with baker´s-yeast. Lammin Sahti brewes sahti about 30 000 litres per year

* In 1999 company started to produce alebeers ( Käki 4,5 %  and Pöllö 4,5 %) and ciders (Pulu and Kottarainen 4,7 %)

* In 2002 Lammin Sahti got the first "Protected Designation of Origin" -label (confirmed by the EU)

* Founder and managing director is Pekka Kääriäinen;

* Company operates in:

- Lammi and Tuulos, now part of Hämeenlinna; 2 production places and own retailshop in shoppingcenter Tuulonen

- Lahti; Cafeteria Risa Robell.

- Heinola; sommerrestaurant Tyyrpuuri (

- Helsinki; beers and ciders are produced in Bryggeri Helsinki

- Remarkable shareholder of the new pubbrewery Bryggeri Helsinki, situated in the middle of the old city of Helsinki (

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